To use our plugin you've to first create an account on 

You can download our plugin here, and then follow the steps to install the plugin correctly.

Steps to install the plugin:  

1 - Unzip the file contents in your wp-content/plugins folder or upload the zip file from the Plugins page in your WP Admin.

2 - Go to your Plugins administration page on your WordPress Admin.

3 - Search for "Piio Images Optimize" and click on Install or Activate

4 - Then click on the Piio Plugin button  in your left menu

5 - Enter the domain key and select the Type of optimization you want to use, there are two modes:

    - Advanced - will use the full set of features, but it might not be compatible with some slideshow plugins.

    - Standard: if advanced beta doesn't work for your WP installation.

Our plugin works great with WP Super Cache

If you're not using a cache plugin we recommend you to install WP Super Cache is one of the best plugins and is fully compatible with our Image Optimization Plugin.

Do you use a different Cache Plugin than WP Super Cache? Please let us know and send us a message to [email protected] to check if it's compatible with Piio, or consider changing to WP Super Cache.

If you find anything that the plugin is not working correctly for your website, please send us an email to [email protected]

Happy optimizing 😁

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