Piio helps your website load faster by optimizing your images in real time and deliver them to your visitors at maximum speed.  
Image optimization results in, better image quality, faster load times and more conversions. 

Cross device experience

Don’t worry about multiple resolutions or mobile devices, Piio automatically loads the best image for each device.

Automatic Responsive Images

We learn from your html and deliver pixel perfect images, they don't only load faster but they'll look better.

CDN Deliver

With worldwide reach, our CDN provides low latency and faster download times.

Super easy to integrate!

Copy and paste one code in the html and you're done! You don't need to change anything on your backend or how you store your images.

No maintenance required

Once Piio is installed in your website it does not require any type of maintenance. If Google Chrome or Safari releases a new compression format, Piio takes care of that automatically. Forget about having multiple versions of your images for mulitple devices.

(More technical details about what Piio does)

Our native JS library focuses on understanding what’s going on in your HTML and how the browser desktop or mobile will render the image. As soon as the DOM is processed, Piio’s library starts processing it and it’ll automatically replace all the images in your HTML for a call to Piio’s API. This API call will return the image with the perfect size based on your CSS rules for the image container, the best format based on the browser needs (eg: WebP for Chrome) and it’ll deliver them through an extremely reliable CDN like Amazon CloudFront.

It’s extremely easy to integrate, so you don’t need to have a special tag in place for the images and you don’t need to change how you’re storing your images.

We say the images are pixel perfect because we understand the width and height that the image will be rendered on the browser based on the HTML and your CSS styles. That means that one pixel of the image relates to one pixel on the device display and that results in very sharp and high-quality images.

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